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Rasheeda Nae //Fashion, Beauty, Natural Hair, Lifestyle Blogger//LONDON





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Motorcycle Wear |

Motorcycle Wear |

Hey Loves,

 Today I am excited to bring you a new post that is totally different from what I usually write about.
Yes, it's still fashion related but it's all about motorcycle jackets!!

That's right, motorcycle wear.

Now, I am sure some of you are motorcyclists, so why not treat yourself to some new gear? sell a range of bike gear-  including helmets, jackets, boots, gloves and much more!

For example why not checkout their Alpinestard Motorcycle Jackets.

Tour Master Intake Air 4.0 Jacket

With a variety of styles and colours, there is no reason not to look fashionable whilst riding your motorcycle. As pictured above, there are styles available for both men and women, so there is something for everyone!

Check out a few of my favourite styles below:

Fly Women's Flux Air Jacket

Why not also treat yourself to one of their  riding suits, available for the best prices.

Alpinestars Atem 2 Piece Leather Suit

Alpinestars Stella Motegi 1-Piece Race Suit

I love this website because everything you need for your motorcycle is literally all in one place. How amazing is that!? You have all the accessories you need as well as tools and tires.
I have noticed that it makes a heap of a difference being able to purchase everything you need in one place (saves time and effort). 

Check out Bike Bandit and take advantage of their free shipping deals as well as great products. 
Their website is: Have fun browsing!

Thank you for reading,

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D'Journae Rasheeda

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5 Tips To Finding the Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape! |

5 Tips To Finding the Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape! |

Sunny skies are here, and everyone needs the perfect pair of sunglasses to make it through their day. Finding sunglasses can be overwhelming with all the fashionable choices available. Apparel Candy has wholesale sunglasses available for affordable and trendy options. To help narrow down your choices, here are some tips for finding the best sunglasses for your face shape.

1. The Heart
With a narrow chin and wider forehead, your heart-shaped face is unique, as are your best suited sunglasses. To balance the shape of your face, you’ll want to choose sunglasses that focus on round frames and minimal bulk. “Aviators” are a classic look for you. Avoid pointy tips that will bring parallels to your chin.

2. The Square
Very symmetric construction with angular definition, your square-shaped face is great for all the curvy cuteness you can find. Avoid small frames with straight edges. Round sunglasses with fun colors or a trendy pair of “cat’s eyes” frames will look wonderful on you.

3. The Circle
Your round-shaped face is short and sweet. Finding sunglasses that helps narrow your face, giving an appearance of length if what you’re looking for. Rectangle frames and pointed designs are great for you. The “wayfarer” trend will never treat you wrong.

4. The Rectangle
With symmetry and straight lines line a square-shaped face, but a little more length, your rectangle-shaped face should avoid little frames. Sunglasses that are too narrow will not compliment your structure. Find something with larger frames and round edges for a pair that will have you in smiles.

5. The Oval
Rounded, but long your oval-shaped face can pull off “butterfly” frames with pizazz. Avoid sunglasses that are too big in width and bulky in design. Your eyebrows should align with the upper line of your glasses.

When in doubt, almost every face, no matter its shape, will look great in a throwback style, like “aviators.” Buying retro vintage sunglasses wholesale is the best affordable way to keep everyone happy and in fashion. Apparel Candy has the options you’re looking for.

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D'Journae Rasheeda

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This hair has my Melanin Poppin! |

This hair has my Melanin Poppin! |

Hello Lovlies!

Hope all is well and you are enjoying the sunshine! - much like myself.

Now, for the longest some of my blog readers here have been asking for more hair reviews. Weelll, you are definitely in luck because today I will be sharing a BOMB wig company known as Perfect Lace Wig.

I had the opportunity to try out and review one of their 360 lace wigs and I must say I am in love. Since summer has finally made it's arrival (it's about time), I decided to opt for a brighter colour, something a little out of my comfort zone so OMBRE it was!

So first of all let's start with the colour of this unit. This wig was pre-dyed to a 1b/30 colour. However, I did use my Shimmer Lights shampoo to tone the hair and tailor it to my skin tone. This was an easy process and required me soaking the hair in the shampoo over night and washing it out/ conditioning the hair the next morning. The colour turned out perfect for my skin tone, which is something I usually worry about when going for lighter colours. Not this time though! This hair has my skin glowing in the sun.

Customising the lace frontal wig was also simple because the unit comes pre-plucked and with baby hairs already - how amazing. I bleached the knots and plucked the hair further for a more natural look. I also defined my baby hairs using some water, mousse and edge control.
The lace on the cap is very easy to blend into my skin tone  and to glue it down I used my trusted Got2b glue.


I love the fact that this wig can be parted anywhere. I have always been a middle part person but this side part hunnayy! Everybody was feeling it!

This is a straight unit that stays straight for days without requiring me to straighten it. Shedding is very minimal and the hair does not tangle. I also feel as though 20 inches is the perfect length for summer as it is not too long or too short.


Overall I would rate this unit an 8/10, the customisation was a breeze, however I would have loved for the unit to have a little more body and for the colour to be more gradual. But, this does not take away from the versatility of this unit and it's easy installation. It's perfect for beginners or those who simply require a go-to frontal wig.

The link to this unit is:

Item No. is 360LW32

The specifications are as follows:

Wig Type 100% Brazilian Virgin Hair 360 Lace Wigs
Image Hair ColorOmbre Color 1B/30#
Image Hair Length20inches
Image Hair Density 180%
Image Lace Color Medium Brown
Baby HairIncluding All Periphery

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and don't forget to check out, the have a variety of amazing wigs on their site.

Do not forget to use the discount codes:

Over $99 get $5 off Coupon Code: LU5 
Over $139 get $15 off Coupon Code: LU15 
Over $239 get $20 off Coupon Code: LU20

Thank you loves,

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D'Journae Rasheeda

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5 Things You Need To Know About Wildlife Removal

5 Things You Need To Know About Wildlife Removal

Wildlife is great, but most forms of wildlife should stay in the wild. Unfortunately, certain forms of wildlife like invading human homes and can become a health and safety hazard. At that point, it is time to call pest control.  Here are five things you need to know about wildlife removal to help ensure that the process goes smoothly for you and your family:
1. Finding Help is Easy:  Finding a pest control expert is as easy as typing “wildlife removal services near me” into your favorite search engine. When reviewing options, make sure to find a company that is reputable and has great reviews.
2. Experience Matters: Getting rid of cockroaches is different from getting rid of mice or squirrels. When looking for a pest control company, make sure that the company is able to deal with your type of problem. Fortunately, companies like Terminix specialize in a variety of vermin.
3. You’ll Need to Prepare: With any pest, you’ll need to go through and pack your belongings to help ensure that nothing is damaged during the fumigation process. You may also need to leave your home for a day or two to avoid exposure to harmful chemicals. A good company will offer plenty of advice on what you need to do to prepare for extermination day.
4. Beware of Damage: Certain types of wildlife can cause damage to your home. Termites can eat through foundation while mice can chew through wiring and certain types of insulation. After you get rid of the pest, a home inspection is usually a good idea to help ensure that all damage is repaired.
5. Prevention is Important: Pest removal is a major inconvenience. Fortunately, there are various ways to prevent pests from re-entering your home. Your local pest experts can offer plenty of ideas on keeping your home pest free.

Uninvited wildlife can be annoying, but with a bit of work, you can make and keep your home pest free.

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D'Journae Rasheeda

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GUEST POST |The African Print Bardot top everyone should grab before summer ends! | By Miranda

GUEST POST |The African Print Bardot top everyone should grab before summer ends! | By Miranda

Okay okay I know what you’re thinking summer where? Summer who? It feels like summer left us here in the UK to go on her own holiday (Everyone else must be enjoying apart from us.) But hear me out when I say you’ll be turning heads from guys and girls! when rocking these gorgeous Bardot tops. I’ve scored through social media for you guys (You see how nice I am) just to get you inspired and excited. If you’re on instagram you must have come across the bold and beautiful African print bikini’s that every melanin queen is rocking. Well In fact this top can be worn all year round. African fashion and textiles is going to be very big soon if it isn’t already e.g. bikinis, dashiki’s, backpacks (You heard it from me first). You can pair these tops with skinny jeans in any colour, white trousers would blend well against the bold prints or even a denim pencil skirt would give you the chic look you’re after. Below are some fab fashion inspo to get you started.

Comment below and let us know your favourite piece x





Online boutiques/websites where you can find African print tops: custom designs)

About The Author:
Miranda  is a creative soul, a lover of food, fashion and of course writing! 
Stay tuned for her food and lifestyle blog. In the meantime you can connect with her on:

Instagram:  @_itsmirandss

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D'Journae Rasheeda

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Issa Bell Sleeve Thing! | •LOOKBOOK•

Issa Bell Sleeve Thing! | •LOOKBOOK•

Bonjour, Ola.....
Just kidding!

That is just about where my French and Spanish ends. I wish I could speak them fluently but languages are not really my thing! I speak two fluently, English and Krio from my home country of Sierra Leone - and that is all.

Something that is my thing however is the whole Bell Sleeve trend, which I am currently in love with!
It's all over Instagram in numerous styles and fabrics. To make thing's easier for all my bell sleeve lovers out there I have created the following lookbook, sharing some of my favourites.

There is tons of inspiration here to help you slay in bells. Be sure to share and comment. Outfit details will be tagged where possible, as well as the instagram pages of all who are featured.


girl wearing a kente bell sleeve dress
@hannie_berry (Instagram)
Outfit: @empireclassiqueworld

3 girls wearing bell sleeve ankara dresses
@beryl_l @renny_love @ginnggeeerr (Instagram)

kaylar will wearing a grass fields ankara bell sleeve top
@KaylarWill (Instagram)

girl wearing an african lace bell sleeve dress
@mz_temitope (Instagram)
Outfit: @Kamille_Couture

ironyofashi wearing a bell sleeve floral top
@Ironyofashi (Instagram)

girl wearing a black bell sleeve jumpsuit (Instagram)

girl wearing a bell sleeve ankara dress
@Freebornnoble (Instagram)
Outfit: @Beebahcouture

girl wearing bell sleeve evening dress
@ogbabes (Instagram)

girl wearing a yellow bell sleeve ankara dress
@aladukeh (instagram)
Outfit: @aladukeh

girl wearing a bell sleeve kimono top
@Chicamastyle (Instagram)
Outfit: @iconscloset

chicamastyle wearing a lace black bell sleeve evening dress
@chicamastyle (Instagram)
Outfit: @iconscloset

girl wearing a bell sleeve burgundy ankara evening dress
@damzz_s (Instagram)
Outfit: @dtclothings

@Kikagoodhair (Instagram)

girl wearing a ankara white lace bell sleeve dress
@tekorquaye (Instagram)
Outfit: @aika_gh
girl wearing white lace bell sleeve jumpsuit
@poisedbysuliat (Instagram)

woman wearing african lace aso oke with bell sleeves
@adejokedacosta (Instagram)
Outfit: @bimms

2 girls in blue lace aso ebi bell sleeve dress
@ohemaajess__x (instagram)
girl wearing a white lace bell sleeve bridal jumpsuit
@andreaiyamah.bride (Instagram)

Follow us on Instagram to stay updated: @DJOURNAE
Which look was your favourite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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D'Journae Rasheeda

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Dream Home? The perfect Decor Marketplace

Dream Home? The perfect Decor Marketplace

Hello All,

My favourite month of the year is here! Happy Sweet November, and as usual, I hope this month is full of blessings, love and happiness - more than you could ever imagine!

Certainly, I can not be the only person who from time to time gets lost in a reverie about my dream house. I plan everything, from the dinning area to the kitchen and bathroom. What colour sofas am I going to have? Will i opt for dark wood or light wood? - there is so much planning involved so I can only imagine what it will be like for first time home owners. Luckily, there is a great website that can help you with some of that preparation.

PlumbTile are architectural bath and kitchen tile specialists. They sell everything you need to make your bathroom and kitchen perfect and exactly what you've always dreamt of.
This includes sinks and basins, lighting, mirrors and cabinets.
 I spent so long on their site, placing bits and pieces together, in preparation for my future home. (I'm starting early for once lol).

Below are a few suites that caught my attention. I am definitely more of a modern girl when it comes to furniture. I usually go for a clean and minimal look and I found what I was looking for.

 I could not believe how many brands they carried on the site! Take Phylrich faucets for example, a leading brand known for their luxurious bathroom products and  also Huntington Brass, another leading manufacturer. There is so much variety, how could you not find what you are looking for? 
The quality of the titles look amazing and the styles are to die for - definitely bathroom and kitchen goals!

Aren't they stunning? 
 If you are moving to a new home or are looking to give your current home a makeover, I highly recommend For those of you who are dreamers like me, you'll have a great time browsing their site and picking out pieces for the near future.

Enjoy x

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D'Journae Rasheeda

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Chic and Effortless Style for the Long Summer Weekend!

Chic and Effortless Style for the Long Summer Weekend!

                                                     By Sophia Smith

image source

We all know that stressful feeling at Monday morning when the work week is starting. As the days are passing, the pressure decreases and the expectancy of the end of the week increases. 
Finally, after a long, long work week comes the weekend you’ve been waiting for.
The weekend isn’t just the time when you can relax, hangout more with your friends and leave all your worries behind, it’s also an opportunity to drop your work outfit and give a chance to all those nice and casual clothing which languish in your wardrobe, to shine. This is the right time to show your individuality and creativity, but you shouldn’t try too hard or the carefree nature of the weekend can be pointless. After all, there’s nothing better than an outfit that’s comfortable and actually stylish, right?
Here are some advices to spark your imagination on how to choose the perfect outfit for those hot summer weekends.

Play with a Colours

Since you aren’t in office anymore, you don’t have to stick to a conventional choice of colours or monochromatic and reduced look. Your summer weekend outfit should be colourful and bright. White will look especially good on you if you’re already tanned. But, if you prefer floral dresses, in order to keep a casual look stick to models with clean lines and easy shapes.
image source

Share the Vibe

Your clothes can communicate your inner spirit, so if you're feeling great why wouldn’t you share that mood with others? Regardless if it’s your friend, a cashier or just a passer-by, they will notice your expression and maybe it will have an effect on them.
image source

For example, chose a t-shirt with some funny quote, picture or a pattern. Or simply, wear something with navy stripes or just plain black or red; it will remind everyone to the beach, and only a few things are more relaxing than a snapshot of the endless blue (except actually being there, of course).

Loosen up

Being casual is a crucial element in a simple, but effective summer look. Due to high temperatures it’s a good idea to prioritize natural fabrics, like cotton or linen. Try a loose dress, jumpsuit, short-sleeved or a button up blouse. Tip: if you are wearing a long shirt don’t button up all the way - leave the top three buttons loose.
image source

Show Some Skin

One of the most effective and practical pieces of clothing, for an effortless and stylish look, is a short denim. It’s length and shade is up to you, but a lighter colour is more appropriate, especially for a daytime combination.  If you’re going to spend your weekend on a beach (lucky you!), a swimming pool or maybe at a cottage, having a barbecue, a bikini-top combined with shorts would be a great choice. Throw in a bohemian style kimono, and you’re ready to have some fun. While you at it don't forget to get a tan.
image source

 Don’t Forget the Details

Even the simplest combination, like a t-shirt and a mini skirt, can be special if you add some accessories to it. Consider the boho style; it’s hyppie and romantic characteristics are perfect for achieving a chic look. Sunglasses are necessary to complete your outfit and a great way to add a subtle touch of your personal style to it.
image source

There are many different styles like: retro, pilot, cateye, the Lennon's style etc. You probably already know what shape is the most suitable for you.

Comfortable Way is the Best Way

Choose a footwear that goes along with your outfit, but try to avoid high heels. Flat shoes, like sneakers, ballerina flats or flat sandals are more comfortable and appropriate for any setting and a casual look. But if you can’t imagine yourself being so closed to the ground, pick platform sandals - they’ll look less serious than the ones with heels.
image source

Basically, when it comes to a summer weekend, everything is allowed. The most important thing is to feel comfortable with what you’re wearing and to keep it as simple as you can. After all, it’s your time to relax, so try to keep your worries and effort at the minimum and have some fun.

Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is a Australian based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about latest fashion trends, DIY projects and organic beauty products. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life.

Find her on: Facebook  Twitter  Google +
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D'Journae Rasheeda

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