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Rasheeda Nae //Fashion, Beauty, Natural Hair, Lifestyle Blogger//LONDON





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Photo Cred: Instagram
Lace||Louboutins =Love 

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ClassX-do you know the meaning?

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Joliette Chocolate Truffle, Rhassoul Clay Hair Mud Mask Review

Product Name : Chocolate Truffle, Rhassoul Clay Hair Mud Mask By Joliette.

Price : 200g = £14.99 (Purchase)

Product Description :
Made with Rhassoul Clay this Mask is infused with natural fruit extracts rather than essential oils - Your hair never smelled so good!
Joliette Hair Mud Mask is an excellent Pre Wash Treatment. It contains keratin for strengthening hair strands as well as Rhassoul Clay which is an excellent natural cleanser. Follow up with a Deep Conditioning Treatment for luscious soft manageable hair.
Apply to wet or dry hair!
Rhassoul Clay is excellent for cleansing hair naturally. This masque is a wonderful pre shampoo treatment, it is not fiddly and is ready to use. No need to make a clay paste.

What Afrodeity love about this product:

  • Creamy Consistency (No more mixing clays)
  • Paraben & SLS Free
  • Chocolatey Scent
  • Natural Cleanser
  • Soft Manageable Hair
  • Great for all Hair Types
  • Contain Keratin (key structural component of hair & nails)

  • Joliette’s Caribbean Scents
    • Mango & Papaya
    • Caribbean Berry & Melon
    • Chocolate Truffle
    Ingredients :
     Aqua, cocoamidopropyl betaine, organic shea butter, avocado oil, emulsifying wax NF, jojoba wax, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, rhassoul clay, vitamin C, vegetable glycerin, lactic acid (buttermilk powder), keratin amino acid, phenoxyethanol, xantham gum, chocolate truffle fragrance oil.
    Directions: Apply this mud mask to wet or dry hair, leave in for a few minutes, rinse and follow up with a deep conditioning treatment.
    My Experience : I began on wet hair. I sectioned my hair into four as usual and applied the mud mask to each section one by one. I made sure worked the product into the strands. I then left it on for 10 minutes and rinsed using warm water. Afterwards I followed up with the Mmm...Hair Conditioning & Styling Butter (Review coming soon)
    Fragrance : The product smells so luxurious, chocolaty and creamy. Loveee the smell.
    My Results: As soon as I applied the clay to my hair it made my curls pop! They were so defined. It also did a great job at detangling my hair, which was an added bonus. After rinsing the product out of my hair, my hair felt so soft and moisturised. I love the smooth, rich consistency of this product. However, when shampooing my hair I prefer to go for a more watery product which provides me with more slip. So this may not become a regular for me, but for when my hair needs some extra TLC, yes definitely! 
    You can find this Rhassoul clay mask along with many other great products from the Joliette Range at : www.afrodeity.co.uk
    AfroDeity Ltd. is an online store showcasing natural Caribbean inspired products for hair & skin. 
    AfroDeity was founded around the knowledge of healing herbs, oils and butters passed down through the generations and culminating in a descendants great interest in science. They believe in the ability of their customers to be able to buy safe natural Caribbean cosmetic products in the UK and EU.
    Facebook Page
    Twitter Page

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    Stunning African Weddings..

    Being of West African descent myself I am pretty much used to African fashion, particularly wedding traditional wear.The outfits are absolutely beatutiful!
    Luckily, I follow so many African wedding pages on instagram which helps be keep up with all the latest trends.
    I would really recommend that you guys follow @bellanaijaweddings and @weddingdigestnaija which are two of my favs.For some time now, i've actually been thinking about doing an African inspired shoot, I would love to get all dolled up. What do you guys think?

    Below are some pictures of African wedding looks that I loved, if you are looking for inspiration...

    The outfit though!
    Photography @ejikemanny
    Beads by @suavegems
    Model @zaharamodels
    Makeup @bellezzafaces

    Beautiful makeup by @omogeadumaradan

    Nigerian bridal editorial shoot by @beverlialford
    Makeup and gele @verygoodbadgurl
    Model @msladyice
    Beads @puksieswardrobe
    Gele scarf @chicgele

    Makeup @makeupbyashabee
    Beads by @frimscrafts
    Photography @dipo_ffx
    Ada's Tradditional Wedding
    Makeup @banksbmpro
    How cute!
    Beautiful Edo bride
    Photo by @nuesphotography
    Love this! The outfits and all.
    Photography @jideodukoya
    Makeup @beautycookstudio

    I have to say my girl @verygoodbadgurl absolutely slayed this makeup and okuku (headdress) Sooooo love this!
    Nigerain bridal editorial shoot by @beverlialford for @glambyisoken
    Model @onmyqueenbehavior
    Beads @puksieswardrobe 

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    ♥This Weeks Fashion Favourites! ♥

    First Pic

    Top Left~ @thefashionwhore
    Top Right~ @fashionsplayground
    Bottom Left~ @omoyele_o
    Bottom Right @tounaj

    Second Pic

    Top Left~ @ajaysglam
    Top Right~ @fashjonn
    Bottom Left~ @makeupgameonpoint
    Bottom Right~ @thefashionwhore

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    The Wright Look ~ Dayybella

    I just had to take a moment to repost this look created by celebrity MUA @LatashaWright on @Dayybella 
    This look is EVERYTHING!!! 
    I originally wanted to go for this look for my birthday dinner but unfortunately that did not go to plan. Nevertheless, I will definitely be recreating this look very soon, so stay tuned!

    Products used;
    Lips ~ Mac Smoked Purple
    Layered Lashes ~ individuals with Ardell Lashes on top
    Contour ~ Narsissist Bronzer

    ~The Wright Look~ 
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    Ooo Chileee!

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    November Nails, Or Nah?

              Some Instagram inspiration

    As you guys probably know my birthday is coming up (next week to be precise *dances* ) and I'm in need of some help in deciding what to do with my nails for it. 
    I'm thinking of either going for a nude or a burgundy/fall ish colour. Help please!
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    Lés Shopping Chronicles

    So, on a recent shopping trip I decide to pick up this H&M bag that I'd been staring at for a while now. Each time I had to stop myself "no D'Journae you don't need this". But I finally gave in *sigh* 
    Only £34.99 though so it wasn't exactly a crime, right?

    You can purchase it here:

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    Dinner Date|Face Xo

    Happy November! 
    This year has just flown by. Honestly can't believe it. A year ago I never thought I would be where I am today, We Tenk God! 
    Soooo, it's my birthday month aye! Super excited!! 

    -Anywho.... This is the look I decided to rock to a dinner I attended recently. For any extra info or if you would like a tutorial email me: djournaerasheeda@hotmail.co.uk

    Enjoy xo

    Products used 
    | Face |

    ~ Foundation~ ; MaryKay
    ~Concealer~ ; MAC
    ~Contour~ ; Pro Conceal
    ~Contour & Highlight~ ; Sleek Contour Kit
    ~Blush~ ; Sleek 

    | Eyes |
    ~H&M Smokey Eye Shadow Palette 
    ~Front Cover Dusk Metalics Palette~ 
    ~Lashes~ ; Beauty Supply Store/Hair shop  

    | Lips |
    ~ MAC Nightmoth Lipliner~
    ~New Look Lipgloss~ 

    | Hair | 
    ~Senegalese Twists done by me~ 

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    All I Want Is NARS For Fall.

    All I Want Is NARS For Fall

    Nars cosmetic

    NARS Cosmetics red lipstick

    Nars cosmetic
    $39 - johnlewis.com

    I don't know what it is that's made me so excited about autumn this year
    I've just been feeling these burgundies 
    coffee browns and plum purples. The life 
    I've been receiving!
    You guys know lipstick are my fav's and these
    three from NARS are perfect🍂🍃🍁

    Also featuring a special quote from Ghandi which I love. 

    Side Note: 
    I really need to get out of this habit 
    of saying 'fall' instead of 'autumn'. I guess it's all 
    that American TV I watch *sigh*. Not everyday 
    real housewives, love and hip hop and single ladies  
    I'm just happy I can finally use this half term to catch up 
    on all my shows I've been missing. Need to watch Tiny 
    and Shekinah's weave trip asap, but don't mind me. 

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    •Queen T•

    Well since it's the queens birthday it's only fair that we do a 'get the look' right?

    Photo Cred: @ToyaWright

    Outfit Details

    //Top// - Garb Boutique 
    //Skirt// - Garb Boutique
    //Belt// - Moschino
    //Shoes// - Yves Saint Laurent 

    Toya rocked this Red X Black outfit to Gold Room Monday's Last week. My favourite part are actually the Saint Lauren shoes which are perfect for a simple night out look. 

    It's like this lady can never go wrong especially fashion wise. 

    She already know she my fav. 

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    Louboutins X Céline

    Photo Cred: @jessaleks

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    Nyx-Copenhagen Lip Cream Yaaaas.

    Giving me all types of fall🍂🍃🍁lifeeeee😍
    #finaaorderitinthemorning #perfectforfall #iminlove #shouldiwearitformybirthdayornah?#birthdaybehaviour #november28baybeee #yasslawd 
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    Monday Motivation;

    Just some rainy day Monday inspiration....

    "Once you've decided what you want, and decided that it's real, take a step. 
    It doesn't have to be a giant step, it just has to be a step, the next step, and maybe it's the first step."  

    "Whatever you do in life aim at perfection. It will not be understood or even appreciated by most people. However, in the long run, the closer you come to achieving your own inner standards of perfection, and they'll be rising all the time, the better you'll be.." 

    "I am a slow walker, but I never walk back." - Abraham Lincoln

    "Be yourself. The world worships the original." -Ingrid 

    "If you develop the habit of doing more than asked of you- you will eventually get even more than asked for . This is a fact." -Myleik Teele

    Hope this gave you some motivation; take the first step, even when you can't see the whole staircase, it's called FAITH.

    For those days when your feeling some kinda way 
    والله سوف نراكم من خلال ذلك
    Enjoy your week ; muah x 

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    ❤My Senegalese Twists ❤

    Most of the time, I chose to wear protective styles throughout the year not only so my hair can grow out, but also because I find it so much easier - with school/college etc...
    However braids and weaves are only a choice and not an option- I would rock my natural hair out any day! 
    I've been doing my braids myself for about 3 years now and I enjoy it because I always know exactly what I want. I hate going to the hairdressers because they never do it right:( 

    So, I went ahead and did 'Senegalese twists' for the summer. I used 4 packs and 1/3 of Xpression Hair (3 and 1/3 packs of colour 1b & 1 pack of purple). I bought the hair from my local hair store for £1.99 per pack. I began by cutting each pack in to three equal sections, I then feathered the tips and began braiding. I put most of the purple at the back so it wouldn't be too prominent. They are of a medium size and I started with a twist. It didn't take long, although I did it over 2 days so I'm not exactly sure how long.

    If you would like a tutorial or more pics please let me know.
    To find out when I will be taking appointments please email me at: djournaerasheeda@hotmail.co.uk

    Love x 

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    I recently purchased this Valentina perfume by Valentino. It smells so lovely I can't stop using it. It has that warm 'vanilla like' scent that I usually go for and I also loved the packaging - so cute.
    I bought this 30ml bottle from House of Fraser for £42.99 I believe.
    You can find it here: www.houseoffraser.co.uk

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    Chanel Inspired Scarves...

    Currently obsessing over these 'Chanel inspired' scarves from H&M. I've been searching for scarves like this for sooo long and i've fnally found them. I first purchased a beige one with the same pattern as the blue one back in december but unfortunately it got stolen:( - and they no longer stock it :'(
    But anyway, i found the midnight blue and gold one and fell in loveeeeeee.
    The beige one at the bottom of the photograph has a different pattern that I also really love.
    These scarves are so classy and sophisticated and can transform any outfit. I can't believe they were only £7.99! - defo need to stock up on more.

     Thought it would be a great time to also show you some other scarves that i picked up from H&M a while ago. Again they were very reasonable.

    I really can't believe that results day is next week! I'm so scared but I know that God will never fail me.
    كن لله وسبحان
    I pray that everyone gets the results they wish x
    D'Journae Rasheeda
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    //How I Keep My Skin Clear?//

    //No Makeup Selfie//

    I get asked this question all the time but the truth is.....I don't actually know!
     I've never had a problem with spots or breaking out, I mean sometimes I get little goosebumps (usually in the winter) but never spots. 
    I'm guessing it all comes down to some things I do subconsciously. For example....

    1. I Drink Water - I don't take note of how much but definitely everyday. I always carry a bottle of water around with me wherever I go. Trust me, it really helps

    2. I eat my fruit and veg - I know this is something you always get told to do but it is very important. Vitamin C is lifeeee. 

    3. I use very simple creams on my face - when it comes to skin I thing simple is better. I only really use E45 cream which I love because it's very light and moisturising. Sometimes Cocoa butter too. I'm not that fussy just as long as it's a well known brand. I definitely stay away from toning creams, bleaching creams etc.....oh hell no. 

    4. Keep your regime simple - I only use Nivea soap or Dove to cleanse my face. I only exfoliate when I feel like my skin needs a deeper cleanse (usually about once a month). 

    So yeaaaah, that's more or less it. I don't usually wear makeup so I have no tips for removing it etc. but like I said, simple is what works for me. 
    I hope this has helped x 

    Don't forget to follow me on Instagram 

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    Louboutin Life; My Favourite Shoes

                   Photo Credit: Morgan Taylor (_1taylor)

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