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Rasheeda Nae //Fashion, Beauty, Natural Hair, Lifestyle Blogger//LONDON





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To celebrate Christmas this year, HOUSE OF D'JOURNAE & MAJESTIC BLOOMS are teaming up to give one lucky person this Christmas hamper full of prezziesssss! 
The giveaway is very simple. Here are the rules!

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IM DARK-SKINNED AND UGLY •D'Journae's Diary• -01

Originally I wanted to do something totally different for the first post on 'D'Journae's Diary' but a message a young girl sent me threw me off completely. So I guess that original post will have to wait..

I'm darkskinned and ugly or I'm ugly because I'm dark is something I've heard a couple of times throughout the years. For a minute I thought this attitude was starting to change, with the rise of celebrity's like Justine Sky, Bella Gunz, Brittany Sky and even Lupita (dare I say it) but boyyyyyy was I wrong.

This past weekend I received a comment from a young girl who felt ugly, who felt unworthy. - it litterally changed my mood completely and it made me want to speak up.

Now I wouldn't consider myself darkskinned. If anything I'm more towards the 'lightskinned' side but I DON'T CARE!!! I will still speak because issues like this hurt me so much. After all, I am African and in a society that tells us to disconnect ourselves from our roots I'm telling you -DON'T LISTEN!

Be you, you are original and you are beautiful. Your skin color not only represents who you are but also where you come from. If you are an AFRICAN QUEEN you are going to have that Melanin in you. It's what makes us special, so admirable and beautiful.

As tupac said, "the darker the flesh, the deeper the roots" and it's true. 

Girl you kill em anyway! Brown girls kill them just as much as any other skin tone. Remember that out there, there is always someone who wants what you have. When you're trying to be lighter, there is always someone dying to be darker. So don't take advantage of what you have. Embrace it all day, everyday! Look for role models that represent you and look like you. They are all over!

Look at Nikki Perkins (Jamieandnikki on YouTube) for example, she is absolutely stunningggggggg. Ask me whether I'd rather look like her or Nicki Minaj and I would tell you her, with no doubt! (Sorry Nicki).

And, by writing this I do not mean to offend any light skinned girls. I simply believe it's time that society changes. Being darkskin has been condemned for so long that we need to put it in the limelight. 

I was actually having a conversation with my friend about the amount of 'brown skin bombshell' pages that are on Instagram right about now. She made a point about it all being part of a cycle where soon light skin girls would be put down and blah blah blah. She does have a point, although I don't think it will get to that stage any time soon lol.

I really hope that one day there will be no divide between the black community. It has gone on for way too long and now it's up to us to change things for future generations. 

And.... To the girl who left the comment..

I hope you found some encouragement through this post. I hope you go out tomorrow knowing that you are EVERYTHING, you are a QUEEN and you are BEAUTIFUL so do not let anyone tell you otherwise. You are still young and one day you'll 'glo' up so nicely that you wouldn't even know why you were so worried when you were younger. Live life and have fun! 
One day you'll have everything you've ever dreamed of and be a role model to those beautiful brown skinned girls coming after you.

Thank you for reading!

If you have any more tips or views on this topic please leave a comment below. You can also leave any suggestions for other topics you would like me discuss below or email me if it is private: (it can be on absolutely anything!!) - WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!


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The relaunch is coming and ...


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•Guest Blogger• A GUIDE TO EASY HOLIDAY GIFTING - Nana Ashanti


Auld Lang Syne. The holidays are upon us. I love Christmas season. I really do. Everything is nice. Everyone is all smiles. Tis the season to give and love.
Now comes the fun part. Gifting. Or a nightmare, depending on how you look and go about it. After 11 months of receiving love, support and guidance from your friends and family, it is only nice that you show your appreciation. Ever heard the phrase, “It’s the thought that counts”?
So how do you gift on a budget? How do you make the thought count without incurring a 0.00 bank balance?  This is the rule of thumb: What is the recipient interested in? What are their passions?
If you are close enough with the recipient, this can be an easy feat. But if you don’t and you want a general list of small little things to get for your loved ones, here you go.

                                                                Holiday Cards/Notes
So holiday cards are very popular. Hallmark does a good job of writing all those words we were struggling to say. Sending a holiday greeting card is inexpensive and very thoughtful. If you decide to go this route, always write a note with your card. Add a personal touch. Include other family members’ names and pets in the note. This is a warm way of showing your attentiveness and appreciation.

                                                                 Gift cards
Gift cards are also a very nice way to send your love this holiday season. Most department stores, restaurants and online shops have gift cards available. Think about what your loved one uses the most and get a gift card. A gas gift card, a toy department gift card if they have small kids, grocery store gift card if they have a large family or a restaurant gift card if they like to eat out or are single. It’s a fairly inexpensive way to say thank you. You don’t have buy an expensive gift card. Just enough to offset part of a bill. Not too little not too much, if you get what I mean.

                                                 Subscription Boxes/Services
2015 was the year of subscription boxes and services. Beauty boxes, care boxes, jewelry boxes, streaming services among others. If you have a friend, partner or spouse that is interested in any of these things, then your best bet is to get them a year’s paid subscription service. Netflix, Ipsy, Essence box, Birch box, Apple Music, Lip monthly, Scent Bird, Hulu Plus, Tidal among others offer the option to purchase a year’s supply of their services. All of these services are charged monthly so giving in advance a year’s worth is more of a home run than anything and guess what,they’ll be thinking of you all year round.

                                                       Planners and Calendars
So the New Year is upon us. In less than 28 days, 2016 will be here. Ps: This year went by too fast or? Is it just me? Anyway, new year new you, right? So let’s start with a plan, shall we? Gifting a calendar or planner is a great way to motivate your dear ones. Passion Planner (www.passionplanner.comhas a great planner that acts as an organizer and accountability partner. It helps plan out your day to day and month to month. There isn’t a better time to gift calendars than now. Add a personal touch or a shared memory to the design of the calendars. Vista print can help with designing and direct shipping of your calendars.

                                                            Cook Christmas Dinner
This is a fool-proof way to say your thank you’s at one time. Offer to cook Christmas dinner. It could be a friends’ dinner, friends and family dinner or just a dinner for two (wink). Sharing food is a thing of love. The act itself is very telling. A lot of very important negotiations happen over food and drinks. The reason is simply catering to your first need as a human. Offer to cook but don’t be shy to ask your guests to show up with a dish or pastry or wine for the dinner. This can cut your cost and be all inclusive at the same time. Be a good guest and offer to toast to the New Year!
Side note: Wrapping paper changes the mood of the receiver. Think outside the box. Get a fun, silly wrapper preferably winter inspired and wrap away.

****Check for other posts on Djournae’s blog and visit my blog at ****

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5. @myleikteele

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