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Dream Home? The perfect Decor Marketplace

Hello All,

My favourite month of the year is here! Happy Sweet November, and as usual, I hope this month is full of blessings, love and happiness - more than you could ever imagine!

Certainly, I can not be the only person who from time to time gets lost in a reverie about my dream house. I plan everything, from the dinning area to the kitchen and bathroom. What colour sofas am I going to have? Will i opt for dark wood or light wood? - there is so much planning involved so I can only imagine what it will be like for first time home owners. Luckily, there is a great website that can help you with some of that preparation.

PlumbTile are architectural bath and kitchen tile specialists. They sell everything you need to make your bathroom and kitchen perfect and exactly what you've always dreamt of.
This includes sinks and basins, lighting, mirrors and cabinets.
 I spent so long on their site, placing bits and pieces together, in preparation for my future home. (I'm starting early for once lol).

Below are a few suites that caught my attention. I am definitely more of a modern girl when it comes to furniture. I usually go for a clean and minimal look and I found what I was looking for.

 I could not believe how many brands they carried on the site! Take Phylrich faucets for example, a leading brand known for their luxurious bathroom products and  also Huntington Brass, another leading manufacturer. There is so much variety, how could you not find what you are looking for? 
The quality of the titles look amazing and the styles are to die for - definitely bathroom and kitchen goals!

Aren't they stunning? 
 If you are moving to a new home or are looking to give your current home a makeover, I highly recommend www.plumbtile.com. For those of you who are dreamers like me, you'll have a great time browsing their site and picking out pieces for the near future.

Enjoy x

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Chic and Effortless Style for the Long Summer Weekend!

                                                     By Sophia Smith

image source

We all know that stressful feeling at Monday morning when the work week is starting. As the days are passing, the pressure decreases and the expectancy of the end of the week increases. 
Finally, after a long, long work week comes the weekend you’ve been waiting for.
The weekend isn’t just the time when you can relax, hangout more with your friends and leave all your worries behind, it’s also an opportunity to drop your work outfit and give a chance to all those nice and casual clothing which languish in your wardrobe, to shine. This is the right time to show your individuality and creativity, but you shouldn’t try too hard or the carefree nature of the weekend can be pointless. After all, there’s nothing better than an outfit that’s comfortable and actually stylish, right?
Here are some advices to spark your imagination on how to choose the perfect outfit for those hot summer weekends.

Play with a Colours

Since you aren’t in office anymore, you don’t have to stick to a conventional choice of colours or monochromatic and reduced look. Your summer weekend outfit should be colourful and bright. White will look especially good on you if you’re already tanned. But, if you prefer floral dresses, in order to keep a casual look stick to models with clean lines and easy shapes.
image source

Share the Vibe

Your clothes can communicate your inner spirit, so if you're feeling great why wouldn’t you share that mood with others? Regardless if it’s your friend, a cashier or just a passer-by, they will notice your expression and maybe it will have an effect on them.
image source

For example, chose a t-shirt with some funny quote, picture or a pattern. Or simply, wear something with navy stripes or just plain black or red; it will remind everyone to the beach, and only a few things are more relaxing than a snapshot of the endless blue (except actually being there, of course).

Loosen up

Being casual is a crucial element in a simple, but effective summer look. Due to high temperatures it’s a good idea to prioritize natural fabrics, like cotton or linen. Try a loose dress, jumpsuit, short-sleeved or a button up blouse. Tip: if you are wearing a long shirt don’t button up all the way - leave the top three buttons loose.
image source

Show Some Skin

One of the most effective and practical pieces of clothing, for an effortless and stylish look, is a short denim. It’s length and shade is up to you, but a lighter colour is more appropriate, especially for a daytime combination.  If you’re going to spend your weekend on a beach (lucky you!), a swimming pool or maybe at a cottage, having a barbecue, a bikini-top combined with shorts would be a great choice. Throw in a bohemian style kimono, and you’re ready to have some fun. While you at it don't forget to get a tan.
image source

 Don’t Forget the Details

Even the simplest combination, like a t-shirt and a mini skirt, can be special if you add some accessories to it. Consider the boho style; it’s hyppie and romantic characteristics are perfect for achieving a chic look. Sunglasses are necessary to complete your outfit and a great way to add a subtle touch of your personal style to it.
image source

There are many different styles like: retro, pilot, cateye, the Lennon's style etc. You probably already know what shape is the most suitable for you.

Comfortable Way is the Best Way

Choose a footwear that goes along with your outfit, but try to avoid high heels. Flat shoes, like sneakers, ballerina flats or flat sandals are more comfortable and appropriate for any setting and a casual look. But if you can’t imagine yourself being so closed to the ground, pick platform sandals - they’ll look less serious than the ones with heels.
image source

Basically, when it comes to a summer weekend, everything is allowed. The most important thing is to feel comfortable with what you’re wearing and to keep it as simple as you can. After all, it’s your time to relax, so try to keep your worries and effort at the minimum and have some fun.

Author BIO:

Sophia Smith is a Australian based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is very passionate about latest fashion trends, DIY projects and organic beauty products. Sophia writes mostly in beauty and fashion related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. She is regular contributor at High Style Life.

Find her on: Facebook  Twitter  Google +
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Royal Blue For The Royal | LOOKBOOK

`Hey Friends,

Happy Fashion Forward Friday! - although i'm probably a little late (oops)

I am back with a new lookbook which some of you have been asking for. It is all about my favourite colour, Royal Blue.
Of course, I love my creams, nudes and beige's but there is something about royal blue that grasps my attention everytime, so for that reason, we are going to say it's my favourite colour!

Below are a few royal blue pieces I have spotted lately and love! Since we are all Kings and Queens, this is for the royal.


So this is where it all began. Here is the outfit that inspired this lookbook. South African fashionista Pam Madlala is wearing this stunning piece from her very own lafeminaboutique.co.za.

Brelyn Bowman is spotted here wearing a dress from www.shunmelson.com. This skater dress is so in style right now. - classy but still a little bit flirty.

Here is our favourite radio personality Toke Makinwa, covered in blue as she attended her mothers 70th birthday party this past week in Nigeria.

Aku-sika is rocking a wrap dress which we love from the Ghanaian women's wear brand Barkers Woode.

Doesn't royal blue and gold look gorgeous together? Colette looks absolutely stunning in her Aso ebi created by Zaga Originz.

Designer Geriee Berry sure knows how to create the most spectacular pieces!


Fola's killer look for the wedding of Coco & Caleb #slaylikefola


Toke is back again, this time in a dress from Elanred Store in Lagos Nigeria. 


Yay for this royal blue jumpsuit worn by TV presenter Bolanle Olukanni to the red carpet premier of Shalanga.


Of course, you cannot go wrong with a pair of royal blue wide leg pants. We love wide leg pants, check out our previous lookbook here.


Our very own fashionista Eunice never stops slaying. This is the Fashion's Playground "Power Suit". Details are over on www.fashionisourplayground.com.


And lastly we have this cute piece from Fashjonn. If you are in London right now you know that the weather has been killing us lol. It's so hot right now I can barely breathe. Who knows how I managed to get through this post (the things I do for my readers aye) but would you rock this?

Let me know in the comments section below & what was your favourite outfit?

I hope you all enjoyed this post and i'll catch you next week Friday for another Fashion Forward post.
Have a lovely weekend 

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Carry Africa | Artisan Marketplace

Hey Dolls!

Today I am sharing a beautiful collection of statement necklaces and clutches from www.carryafrica.com. Carry Africa are a premium marketplace that sell numerous handmade and authentic items for the Afrocentric belle or those who simply wish to indulge in African art and heritage.

As I mentioned before, their pieces are handmade with love, keeping us, the customers in mind. 

Click here to head over to their site and check out their gorgeous collections . I love promoting anything to do with Africa and small businesses so please join me in supporting Carry Africa.
They are also on the lookout for artisans who create unique African products, so feel free to email them at: 


Follow them on social media!

Instagram: @carryafrica

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Tomistic Hair Peruvian Straight | Favourite Hair Extensions?

I'm Yay! It's finally hair review time...

Now, if you know me you know that Tomistic Hair is one of my favourite hair companies to work with. I reviewed their Peruvian bodywave hair last year and was so impressed (click here).

The time and effort they put into making their products not just presentable, but stylish and classy, -  is clearly evident. When i got the opportunity to try out their straight hair I was enthusiastic because I know Tomistic Hair always gets it right.

On that note, lets move on to my review, pros and cons (if any) and the genuine tea on this hair! (lol)

Delivery & Packaging 

When you receive your Tomistic Hair it will come in these luxury silk bags to make sure your hair stays protected. Unravelling these cute bags reminds me of Christmas!

I received my package the next day (which is always a plus)-  by Royal Mail (UK).
I must add that although Tomistic Hair are UK based, they do ship internationally so wherever you are, you can get your hands on their gorgeous hair.

So, I decided to try out some longer lengths for once 20,22,24 plus an 18 inch closure. Yes no more leave out for me, closures make life so much easier when you are a 4b natural chick. My hair refuses to stay straight!! - but that is another story for another day.

First impressions

I immediately noticed that the hair was soft and tangle free. I could run my fingers through it so freely and not one strand of hair would come out. As well as this, the closure was well constructed. The colour of the lace matched my scalp easily, meaning I did not have to bleach the knots or do any plucking. yay stress free!
The bundles are very full once again. Usually i go for 4 bundles but this time I wanted something a little lighter and more natural looking. 3 bundles we're perfect. 

Full wig? U-part? Sew in?

I originally intended to construct this hair into a full wig. Using the cap pictured above. However, after sewing down all of the wefts and the closure I attempted to put the cap on my head and it did not fit (so annoying). - Honest I do not know if my head grew overnight or what? So I had to make some alterations. This meant sewing the closure directly on my head and cutting the full wig into a u-part so it would fit. Luckily this worked well and I was able to rock my fabulous Tomistic hair *twirls*

Tangling and shedding

One of the reasons why Tomistic Hair's Peruvian straight is one of my favourites is because it barely tangles. I wore this hair throughout exam season (rough times) and it was soooooo low maintenance. It stayed straight, soft and easy to work with.
In terms of shedding, it is minimal. Like most hair you are going to get a little bit of shedding. Even our natural hair sheds so that was not a problem.


I chose this particular texture as I wanted to give straight hair a go - it had been a while. So for most of the time my hair was in a straight texture. To get it bone straight I would flat iron it from time to time with my Irresistible Me Flat Iron (click here for review). And that is pretty much it. The hair stayed sleek and that was exactly the look I was going for. I did add some light curls with my straightener. Even though the hair is straight it does hold a curl very well, meaning the style will last all day, even in the warm weather.

Customer Service

If you read my last review on Tomistic Hair you would know that they offer great customer service. If you have any questions about choosing the best texture or shipping they will gladly assist you. They are very friendly so its never a bother when I have queries. For example, I was not too sure whether I wanted to go curly or go straight. Moriyah at Tomistic Hair helped me decide by sending me some details on the textures the offered and I settled for straight hair.

I would definitely recommend this hair to anyone who is looking to invest in some good quality hair that will last you a very long time. It is a good investment to make, just as long as you take care of your extensions they will look as good as new. Tomistic Hair's Peruvian Straight is very versatile and you can go from straight to curly very quickly, with the help of a straightener or curling wand. - people will think you changed your hairstyle lol.

So that's my review over dolls. As always I was very impressed!

Please check out Tomistic Hair's website: www.tomistichair.com

Email: tomistichairandfashion@gmail.com

Instagram: @tomistichair 

Facebook: Tomistic Hair Ltd

Thank you for reading! 

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Dewy Summer Makeup Looks For A Flawless Finish!

Summer = Sundresses, pool side chillin' and of course - dewy makeup!

Everyone wants the natural summery glow without having to pile on too much makeup - allowing your skin to breathe and stay moisturised in the hot weather.

For that reason, I have compiled my favourite summer dewy looks into this blog post, highlighting the key products that will leave your skin glowing and your highlight popping, especially for those (like me) who have combination - dry skin.

Let me know your favourite look or whether you have tried any of the products mentioned.


Key Products (that give you the glow!): 

Key Products: (that give you the glow!)

Key Products (that give you the glow!)

Key Products (that give you the glow!)

Key Products (that give you the glow!)

Key Products (that give you the glow!)

Key Products (that give you the glow!)

Which look will you be rocking this summer?

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11 Styles That Will Make You Want Faux Locs! | HAIR BOOK•

Faux locs have been a trend all year round, with some choosing to go for crochet locs, and others willing to sit down for hours (sometimes days, yes days..) to get that 'growing from the root', natural look.

This hairbook  (new word) features some of my favourite faux locs styles, in an attempt to persuade you into trying them out. They are a stylish protective style which, if done the correct way, can keep your hair healthy and protected this summer. 

So, here goes..

jackie aina with gold faux locs in her hair
jackie aina with golden faux locs in her hair
Youtuber +Jackie Aina , Two-tonned Faux Locs

imadame jay with black faux locs and gold beads
imadame jay with black goddess faux locs
Youtuber +iMadameJay, Goddess Locs

ivy league styles with black crochet locs
ivydear wearing crochet locs black
Youtuber +Ivy Dear, Crochet Locs 

girl wearing jumbo faux locs
girl wearing jumbo faux locs
Instagram @cecenetwork, Jumbo Locs 

girl with purple jumbo faux locs
girl with purple jumbo faux locs
Youtuber +JaMexicanBeauty, Jumbo Purple Locs

girl with gold faux locs
girl with gold faux locs
Instagram @beautifulbombshell_305, Gold Locs 

girl with black short faux locs
Instagram +Livitaj, Natural Locs

girl with black crochet locs and gold beads
Instagram @ayokee, Crochet Locs

girl with black faux locs and gold beads
lingywashere with black locs and gold beads
Youtuber +lingywashere, Natural Locs With Goddess Beads

girl with black jumbo faux locs
Instagram @suuperdope, Natural Locs

mynaturalsistas with black crochet locs
Youtuber +My Natural Sistas, Crochet Locs

So I hope by now I would have convinced you to try out faux locs. They are edgy and fun, summer is the perfect time to have them. - I know I will be jumping on the bandwagon soon!

Which style will I be going for? Crochet or braided at the root? and which colour? - I think i'll leave that as a surprise...

Which look was your favourite? Let me know by leaving a comment below. 

PS: We just made a brand new facebook page. Please follow the link below and like it so you can stay updated. (juicy topics will be discussed).

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