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Rasheeda Nae //Fashion, Beauty, Natural Hair, Lifestyle Blogger//LONDON





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Happy New Year, you. Best guess, you made some New Year resolutions, didn’t you? It includes travel, being nicer to yourself and saving. Saving means cutting back on purchases. Less morning coffee, less extra snacks at lunch and less makeup shopping.

Did that strike a little nerve? As women, we buy way too many beauty products. And these companies, always have us salivating for the next new thing. You cannot help it. Me too. So today, I bring you a fun way to save on your makeup purchases.

An inventory is used to take stock and replenish as needed. It is also used to monitor the number of items owned. In our case, we are talking about keeping an inventory of lipsticks. Lipsticks because they are the smallest items in our makeup bags/collections. They are the most fun to play with and have the most variety.

A lot of companies least priced items are usually lipsticks so if you are a product junkie, you probably have more lipsticks than you do other makeup items. In writing this post, I decided to have a come to Jesus moment. I counted my lipstick collection and all in all, I am at 68 lipsticks. Do not judge me.

When a lipstick collection is first launched, most people pick a few or all the colors. This may lead to buying a particular shade twice or worse, three times. Red is red but it’s different from orangey red or is it? I have definitely counted doubles in my collection. So here’s a solution.

Get a thick paper or jotter. Preferably resume paper. Then arrange your favorite lipsticks by name, brand and a good swipe. Hang to dry, say overnight.

Then keep it close for those days you are tempted to online shop or taking that Sephora trip.My best advice is to swap your most used lipsticks on the paper or jotter. This will save you money, time and take out the guess game when shopping for lipsticks. Hopefully, this helps in the accountability department this year.





Visit my Instagram and YouTube @nana_ashanti/Nana Ashanti.

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