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Rasheeda Nae //Fashion, Beauty, Natural Hair, Lifestyle Blogger//LONDON





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Hi Dolls, 
So our EXCLUSIVE monthly newsletters official start today (28th Feb) - whoop whoop!

On the 28th of every month, our subscribers will receive a newsletter discussing something new and engaging. This week was London fashion week so we decided talk all things GREY - it's one of those hit or miss colours so we give you tips to make sure you're always winning.

To receive these monthly newsletters, all you have to do is enter your email address and subscribe to this blog. You can do that on the right hand side of this post (bottom on mobile). 

We wanted to give something back to you our loyal blog readers - so here it is
Remember all exclusive giveaways and updates will come though to our subscribers first - plus, we will be spilling tea, lots of it.

Make sure you subscribe! You don't want to miss out.


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The Makeup Starter Kit! ~ Part Two•

I know you've all been waiting for Part Two of The Makeup Starter Kit ~ so here it is!

The last time we discussed all things foundations, concealers and powders! This time we're going to go into the eyes and the lips, so if you're just like me a couple of years ago, (confused.com) on what products to start off with, keep reading...

Eyeshadow Pallettes

Yassssss. Just look at this palette please. Bomb!! It is the new Nubian palette from Juvia's Place. Enibaby4 (YouTube) 
always showcase's this and I just fell in love. The colours are so pigmented and pretty and would be perfect for someone who would want to get into makeup. 
Just think about how they would look on your skin tone.

Surprisingly, I've heard some very positive feedback about this particular palette from MUA (Makeup Academy ) It is the Ultimate Undressed Palette and retails for just £8 so this would be a great place to start if you are looking for a cheaper alternative. Many compare this to some of the higher branded products, it can even be compared to the Urban Decay Naked Palettes.. and that's what we are going on to next!

Lastly, The Naked Palettes are perfect for a neutral look. The will give you an effortless finish without even trying. Everyone loves these! 


Now, I'm not a big eyeliner person, as in, I do not really shop around for eyeliners as much, however, one that caught my eye was the Kat Von D Eye Liner. It's crisp precise and matte. What more do you need? 

Mascara, Mascara, Mascara - it's my go-to. I only where lashes when I'm going out somewhere special, but for the majority of the time it's mascara. I tend to stick with the Maybeline one's because they are very good. My favourite is the middle one as it tends to clump less. However, any will be good if you use it correctly. 


Lashes are my favourites because they can take your look from 1 to 100 (real quick, believe that!) 
And, it's true, once you get on to minx lashes you never go back! 
The Ardell Wispies are a must have! They are not too much but really just give your look that pop! 
When going for a natural look I really love my Red Cherry Lashes in #217. They are just so flirty but natural at the same time. 
If you are in the UK you can order these from: mykindabeauty.co.uk 

Lipsticks/ Lip Creams
Yaaay! My favourite part. Here I'm going to show you the 4 colours that I think everyone needs to have in their collection. Whether you prefer lipsticks or lip creams like I do, you'll definitely find something!

The Nude -
I'm really into lip creams right now and my favourite has to be Sleek's Birthday Suit. It suits darker skin tones so well and is just the perfect everyday nude.

I'm also loving StingRaye by Colour Pop. It's a deeper nude which is perfect - very rich and oolalaaa.

If you are more of a lipstick person, here are some nudes by Mac. (From left to right) - Twig, Taupe & Velvet Teddy

The Rouge - 
I love that perfect rouge colour, not a bright red but more of a deeper colour.

Right now my favourite has to be Cherry Blossom by Coloured Raine 

My favourite red lipstick has to be Mac's Ruby Woo - doesn't everyone love this though? 

The Deep Coloured Lip Stick (burgundy or purple) - 
Perfect for a night out, if you would like something a little bit more fun and daring. 

If you've been following this blog for a while you would know that I've loved NYX Lip Creams for the longest. Copenhagen is one of my favs but Transylvania (pictured above) is another great one. I know not everyone one is a fan of lip creams due to their drying effect but these are soft matte ones. Your lips will be left smooth as ever.

There is something about Nars as a brand that I just love. I think it might be to do with their packaging. Nevertheless, pictured above is their lipstick in the colour Liv. It very deep and retro.

Lip Pencils

So because this is a starter kit, I am only going to name two of my go to lip liners.

First of all, a brown one is absolutely necessary.

Mac's Chestnut is something everyone tends to go for. It's just the perfect brown and will work with any lipstick. 

The second lip liner you will need is a much darker colour. Nightmoth is a favourite of mine. It can be used to darken up a red lipstick or even just line a purple one. 


So that's it! Our Makeup starter kit has been rounded up. I hope you all enjoyed this post and if you have any feedback on any of the products listed, please leave it below.

If you have not checked out Part One click here.


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From Us, To You, With Love • | Venus Et Fleur X

From Us, To You, With Love •

So on the weekend it was Valentine's Day and unfortunately I did not get a chance to post - (I wonder why hahaha). But nevertheless, I'm here today to say thank you to you all and Happy (very late) Valentine's Day! 

Thank you for all your love, comments, likes, everything! It is truly appreciated.

Love you all,

Ps: - I love roses (esp. white) so I thought I'd share some favss from 'Venus Et Fleur ~ New York'

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•Blogger Collab• ~ A Quarter Life Crisis!

5 women. 
5 naturalistas. 
5 bloggers. 
5 shades of fleeking melanin. 
3 continents. 

Hey Dolls!

Today's post is going to be a collaboration with me and five other bloggers looking at the crisis' we face as we reach our mid-twenties in an African home. 
We wanted to share out experiences with you all so here goes!

My experience...

For the majority of your lives up to this point African parents have enforced the idea that 
1. "boys are nonsense"
2. "If you so much as to look at them you will get pregnant" 
3. You should "Carry your books and go to school" - that is what they sent you there for.

Then, you graduate university, hit your mid-twenties and all of a sudden your mum, dad, aunties and uncles all want to see you with boys.  "Oh, my dear, where is your h'ozband". "When I was your age I was already married with 2 kids". "Time is ticking ooo, don't be playing around, better bring a boy home fast fast"

And you're thinking, wait.. Is this really my mother? The one who threatened to send me back to Africa because she caught me holding hands with a boy when I was 14? Now all of a sudden I should be marrying!

It's when you touch 28 that it starts to worsen. Random aunties start approaching you "come to my church! You will find husband tomorrow". "Lemme give the pastor your number, he's a true man of God". 

And of course, let's not forget the comparisons. "See your friend Esther! She's already married 3 years ago instead of you to be man hunting you are sitting here watching Real Housewives of Atlanta... when will you become a wife too!" 

You try to explain that it will all happen in due time. God has a plan and you are not in any mad rush. But nooooo, it's all your fault. "It's you!..you are to picky, every man you see, I don't want this I don't want that..will you not take what you are given and go and sit down...have you seen anyone that is perfect in this world?..even your father sef, I had to mould him to what I want".

MUM, DAD, AUNTY PLEASE!!! Na by force? Sometimes just let me be, maybe I'm not ready yet? After all is it you that's getting married or is it me? Lol sometimes I just wonder, all these nosey aunties that will be snooping around asking questions everywhere, will you not go and enjoy YOUR own married life? If it's so great maybe you'll have less time to worry about mine? *no shade* ~ we love our African parents really! 

Here's what the other ladies had to say...

Nana Ashanti - mylovelettertoafrica.com

“Lately my mum has been dropping hints at marriage. I could be shopping or cooking and the question is “So are you shopping by yourself? Or are you cooking for one?” ” When are you going to have a boyfriend?” “Do you plan to live in your big house by yourself?” Aaah, Asant!!!
Apparently, everything I have done in life will not mean much to her till I get married. But do I blame her? No. She is from an era, where society has made it clear that marriage is the only way to be validated. My advice to all readers is this, “DO YOU, BOO”. The best time is your time!

"...But mom never complained. She allowed me explore my childhood. And my childhood turned out to be just great.  
A girl's best friend is makeup so Every girl has had to use makeup at some point in their lives. Even though it is expensive, we still buy. At least it is able to hide our physical imperfections. " 

Isn’t it funny that people think that when they hit 30 their life will automatically be perfect and set. For me personally I spent all of my 20’s working 2 jobs, running small businesses, chasing money, investing in property, driving nice cars, having fun holidays and raving yet I never really thought how that would impact me when I hit 30. I always wanted to retire before I was 30, when I set my mind to something nothing can convince me to stop or do something else. So ‘retiring’ from my 9-5 career before 30 is exactly what I did! 
I have been doing my own thing since 2012, however it has not been easy at all. It is only recently since living in Ghana that I have had to stop, collaborate and listen to my inner self, which has been telling me not to focus so much on tangible possessions.

“I know for some African girls 25 years old and up, marriage pressure is a big deal. However, that’s never been the case for me. My mom has never pressured me about marriage. I know she prays about me finding someone (along with other prayers she does over my life). However, she’s never asked me about marriage. I think she’s only asked me once if I was dating anyone. At one point, it seemed that my brother was more concerned about me dating and finding someone. He was more concerned than my own mother! I am grateful that my mom is not pressuring me about marriage. As a black woman, life already has enough stresses. The only thing my mom pressures me about is getting a master’s degree. That is important to her for my own financial independence and stability. I’d take rather take that pressure over the marriage pressure.”

So can you guys relate to us? Have you had experiences like this too? Share yours in the comments section below. We would love to read them!


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