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Rasheeda Nae //Fashion, Beauty, Natural Hair, Lifestyle Blogger//LONDON





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•On The Couch With DayeLaSoul• | Natural Hair Blogger

Daye is a Natural Hair Blogger on, with over 45,000 followers on her Instagram page. She has quickly become a big 'Fro-Rockin' figure within the Natural Hair Community and after recently starting a youtube channel, her followers are only likely to grow!
You'll probably recognise her two-tone afro (which we absolutely love!) from pages like 'Natural Chixs' & 'Protective Styles'...

This week we got the chance to 'sit on the couch' with Daye and delve into her journey as a Natural Hair Favourite.

Here's what we found out..

1. When did you 'go natural' and what was your inspiration?

I wish I had some profound reason for going natural but truth be told, my last relaxer was in 2011 and I had a head injury around the time for my next one, so I just decided to let the relaxers go since relaxing with open wounds in my scalp was a no-go.

2. Describe your natural hair journey in one word?

The struggle a lot of black woman go through with our hair, and even other features such as our lips and curves, is unlike no other and we get criticized from every angle. From childhood we are taught that something is wrong with our hair (it's unruly, it won't grow, it looks unkempt, we need to straighten, it's unprofessional) and even as an adult, I'm criticized. It's truly empowering, and just one way, to contradict negative perceptions of black women and our natural features by simply wearing our God-given hair, proud and unbothered like its a crown--especially when the same people who criticized and asked you "why" are the same ones wondering "how."

3. What is your signature natural hair style?

Most definitely a perm rod set! I'm trying to venture out more this year but perm rod sets are my go-to.

4. How did you manage to grow your Instagram/ become a well known figure in the natural hair community?

Honestlyyyyy, I'm just following my gut and winging it. My earlier followers started noticing changes in my hair and asked me questions which led to requests for pictures, next thing I know, my pictures are circulating every where. Then the pictures turned to video requests, the videos turned to YouTube tutorials, and I decided it was time to launch my blog There are a lot of women with big, bomb hair on Instagram and I never set out to be a blogger. I think people gravitate to me because I'm just like them. I talk to my audience and I pay attention to their wants and what the natural hair community needs. Not only am I posting nice hair and products, I'm explaining the reality of natural hair according to my experiences so people, and myself, aren't just mimicking and hoping for the best. We are learning and understanding.

5. Are there any hair products that you cannot live without?

I switch up products quite a bit. If you check #DayeLaSoulReview you'll be able to see what I'm currently using. If I had to pick a single thing, it would have to be Aphogee's 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor. In the past couple months, I've been using it religiously and my curls have never looked so healthy and tight.

6. What advice would you give to people who want to go natural but are scared to Big Chop?

If you don't want to big chop, DON'T. Everyone's journey is unique and no one's is easy. Do what you want, it's your head, your hair, your choice! And big chopping isn't a cure-all for the natural hair journey. Yes it gets rid of damage, but if you still have harmful habits and don't know how to properly care for your hair, you'll just be damaging your TWA. I transitioned and it took me from 2011 until the end of 2014 for things to just click with my hair and it's because of the struggle I know what to and not to do so I can share pass it along.

So there you have it...
Thank you to Daye for sharing some wonderful tips that you all can take with you on your Natural Hair Journey.

You can keep up with Daye 
Instagram & Twitter: DAYELASOUL
Youtube Channel: DAYE LA SOUL

Leave a comment and let us know which hairstyle you liked best!

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  1. OMG!! your hair Looks so amazing. I love it.
    I wish you a happy Monday:)


    1. Wish it was mine gurl! It's Dayelasoul's. Thank you for stopping by XOXO

  2. She is beautiful and her hair is on point!! Thanks for sharing this post which made me know more about her!!

  3. Wow, I love the hair! Looks so gorgeous!

  4. Her hair is amazing !

  5. What a fabulous interview... I love what she said about what it's like growing up black... I don't necessarily remember being told my hair couldn't grow or that it's unkempt... because my mom was very dedicated to keeping my hair looking nice... but I can certainly empathize, especially as I grew into my teen years and became more aware of my hair texture vs. that of my friends (grew up in predominately white suburbia!).

    Her hair looks sensational with the perm rod set and blown out is even more amazing... I've had my own natural hair journey... and it's really a journey!!!!! Lol

    All the Cute
    Today's Post: BEHIND THE SCENES: Novelstyle Shop Photoshoot

    1. Hey Amber! Thank you for reading hun!

      Yes I agree, my mum did not tell me that either but I certainly got that reaction from others & Lol! Of course it always has it's ups and down's. Sometimes I want to braid it up but one day later i'll start to miss my hair again and take it out! *sigh*.


  6. Such a great informative post! definitely keeping these in mind with my curly locks! thank for sharing!

    1. Thank you doll! & Ooo! i'm thinking of doing locs soon actually, do you have any tips?


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