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8 African Dress Styles You Should Wear To Your Next Event!

So this week I thought I'd present something  fashion forward, especially since 'event season' is fast approaching.

As you all probably know, I am slightly obsessed  - Very obsessed, to say the least, with my African Fashion, so let's get started!

1. Lace

We are kicking this Look Book off with my favourite material, which has to be lace. In my opinion, you can never go wrong with lace. It's so classy and elegant that anyone could pull it off.

girl wearing lace african dress

Zinny_o (Instagram) is rocking this beautifully embroided lace dress in one of my favourite colours. It looks so stunning and is one of my favourite designs in this look book. Love love love! 

girl wearing navy blue african dress

Alternatively you could opt for a navy patterned lace like the one Style Blogger @thatdynamitechick is rocking here. The satin at that bottom of this dress just adds that extra edge.

Girl wearing african asoebi

girl wearing lace african asoebi

Hairstylist/Mua @Lakesanu looks fab in her lace peplum dress. The detail around the arms and flare is so stunning. 

2. Ankara

Who doesn't love a bold Ankara print? 

boy and girl couple  wearing matching ankara print
Photocred: Pintrest
The life this dress is giving me chileee! Matching aschobi tings right there!

girl wearing ankara material dress
Photocred: @fashion_africanprint
This design is so cute and fashionable. Plus, you will be sure to stand out! 

girl wearing ankara material dress

Former Miss Sierra Leone, Yazmin Karim is rocking this bold print sewn in a simple way to create the perfect contrast. Dress by the talented @maryzodesigns 

girl wearing ankara material dress

So this is for you all that would like to go the extra mile and give your Ankara that little bit of *oomph* lol @khinah_ certainly shows you how to do it. Werkk girl!

3. Dashiki 

Yes, Dashiki's have remained in style since I did my last post on them. If you have not seen it yet you may check it out here. 

Well I am sure you all remember when the brilliant @mindofkye_ broke the Internet with her very own Dashiki Prom Dress last year. Well this year the trend is back!

girl wearing dashiki dress
Photocred: Instagram

Check out this design. Still as stunning as ever.
girl wearing dashiki dress
Photocred: Pintrest
You can certainly dress a dashiki up right? Isn't this cute.

4. Kente

girl wearing kente dress

@danc3likeh0w (Instagram) is absolutely killing this design. The black velvet on the bottom half of this dress is an amazing twist. 

girl wearing kente material dress
Photocred: @bellanaijaweddings

Why not opt for a bright and chic kente like the one here. It's perfect for the summer!

girl wearing kente material dress

Now I'm sure many of you would remember when I posted this picture on my Instagram last year. I was looking for the designer everywhere. Well guess what! I finally found her!! Ohemma Closet created this masterpiece, modelled by the talented @jessnnecee. - still love it!

girl wearing white lace african dress kente

So I wasn't quite sure which category to put this dress in. Technically it should go in the lace section, but since @serwaa55 is wearing a kente headscarf I thought I'd place it here lol. From my white lace post, you all know how I feel. White + lace = bomb!

5. Mixing Prints
Mixing and matching is fun right? Why not take a leap of faith and try it! 

girl wearing mixed prints ankara dress

@poshesteb certainly got it right with these two contrasting colours. How did she pull it off??

girl wearing mixed prints african dress

Seems like @theonlyskinnybish is at it too! 

6. Iro & Buba

Following on from the mixing prints trend comes @_kommee looking chic in her Iro and Buba.
girl wearing mixed prints iro and buba nigeria
These Ankara prints are bold and summery.

girl wearing iro and buba nigeria puksies wardrobe

Then we have the queen herself, Isoken giving life in this Iro and Buba from the @puksieswardrobe

girl wearing yellow iro and buba komole nigeria

My favourites have to be the Komole's from @deola_by_deolasagoe. Omg isn't this so stunning!!! It looks perfect on dark skin tones.

7. Call the shots

girl wearing ankara dress with ribbon

african dress zoe arku
 You're probably thinking, "but Rasheeda, there will never be a time when I need to show out like this."
 Na ah. Truss me girl, there will. And when the time comes call @zoearku to slay a gown for you. Her designs are simply breathtaking!

8. Agbada/ Guinean baracade 

Okay so I admit, I'm cheating here a little because these aren't actually dresses. *sigh*. But they are a great twist on African Fashion that will surely have you standing out.

toke makinwa wearing a agbada nigeria
Toke Makinwa wearing agbada

Remember when Toke Makinwa showed up in this?!?! Well, this look styled by @harveystyles has been a trend ever since.
I am definitely a dress type of girl, but I have to say this made me want to throw on an agbada and go! What about you?

So unfortunately this weeks look book chronicles have come to an end. What was your favourite look? Would you be rocking any of these to your next event? Let me know in the comments section below!

Follow us on Instagram to stay updated! @djournae and all these other fab fashionista's.

Muah xoxo

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  1. Great selection.


  2. You always have the nicest selections!! Great post.


  3. Holy glamorous, I only knew of lace and kitenge. Thanks to you I know more glamorous things to wear to events. Thnakls for sharing and the designs are to die for!!!

    1. Yes girl hahaha! Thank you for checking them out. XOXO

  4. Wow these looks are to die for. The ones that top it all are the couple looks and the @theonlyskinnybish look. I am loving it.

    1. Yes! I totally agree hun. Thank you for checking them out XOXO

  5. All these pics and designs are stunning, Don't even know which one is my fav. They are all gorgeous.x


  6. all this designs are stunning.! love them all.

  7. These are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  8. your killing me

    I'm just here taken screenshots lol
    love love , love
    I always have ideas put its hard sometimes to put into words what im thinking and as they say a picture paints a thousand words
    thanks for sharing

    oh btw deola_by_deolasagoe. is one of my favourite designer ever <3


    1. ahahaha! Thanks for reading Bunmi. & you are so correct! I swear she's amazing.


  9. Great post. All the dresses are really cute had to save some.. I love this agbada trend.


  10. Everything is beyond stunning but the blue lace dress is my favorite :)


  11. All of these dresses are so beautiful and chic, if we had to pick one, it would have to be the one with the huge yellow bow on the back, so chic!

    ISA Professional

  12. All the dresses are beautiful but I personally like Mixing and Matching the most.

    Great Work :)


  13. Such a great collection...all are looking very stylish...

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  15. All this african style dresses making african woman glamorous and beautiful in world fashion.
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    sequin fabric | african print

  16. What a lovely African Women Fashion Styles Thank u very much sharing such beautiful dress pictures.
    I Like All These Photos Which You Are Posting In This Blog Post. Can You Please Share Some Thing More
    Stylish Images Relate To African Fashion Design?

    Find More About African Wear For Women

  17. Beautiful and Amazing Dress for Women. This dresses are gorgeous and pretty for everyone.

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