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Rasheeda Nae //Fashion, Beauty, Natural Hair, Lifestyle Blogger//LONDON





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11 Styles That Will Make You Want Faux Locs! | HAIR BOOK•

Faux locs have been a trend all year round, with some choosing to go for crochet locs, and others willing to sit down for hours (sometimes days, yes days..) to get that 'growing from the root', natural look.

This hairbook  (new word) features some of my favourite faux locs styles, in an attempt to persuade you into trying them out. They are a stylish protective style which, if done the correct way, can keep your hair healthy and protected this summer. 

So, here goes..

jackie aina with gold faux locs in her hair
jackie aina with golden faux locs in her hair
Youtuber +Jackie Aina , Two-tonned Faux Locs

imadame jay with black faux locs and gold beads
imadame jay with black goddess faux locs
Youtuber +iMadameJay, Goddess Locs

ivy league styles with black crochet locs
ivydear wearing crochet locs black
Youtuber +Ivy Dear, Crochet Locs 

girl wearing jumbo faux locs
girl wearing jumbo faux locs
Instagram @cecenetwork, Jumbo Locs 

girl with purple jumbo faux locs
girl with purple jumbo faux locs
Youtuber +JaMexicanBeauty, Jumbo Purple Locs

girl with gold faux locs
girl with gold faux locs
Instagram @beautifulbombshell_305, Gold Locs 

girl with black short faux locs
Instagram +Livitaj, Natural Locs

girl with black crochet locs and gold beads
Instagram @ayokee, Crochet Locs

girl with black faux locs and gold beads
lingywashere with black locs and gold beads
Youtuber +lingywashere, Natural Locs With Goddess Beads

girl with black jumbo faux locs
Instagram @suuperdope, Natural Locs

mynaturalsistas with black crochet locs
Youtuber +My Natural Sistas, Crochet Locs

So I hope by now I would have convinced you to try out faux locs. They are edgy and fun, summer is the perfect time to have them. - I know I will be jumping on the bandwagon soon!

Which style will I be going for? Crochet or braided at the root? and which colour? - I think i'll leave that as a surprise...

Which look was your favourite? Let me know by leaving a comment below. 

PS: We just made a brand new facebook page. Please follow the link below and like it so you can stay updated. (juicy topics will be discussed).

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June - All things renewed!


As I am writing this post, a ray of sunlight is being reflected in my room and I'm currently making use of this beautiful summery weather here in London. 
I'm hoping it lasts because the sun just has something in it which sparks happiness in everyone, right? 

Anyway, enough about this lush weather. I have an update for you all.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who likes to change and update things every now and then - it's part of the growth process. I am always looking for ways to improve my content to better suit you all as my readers. Now that I have so much more time on my hands my energy will be poured into making www.djournae.com great! 

So, if you are meticulous (unlike me), you may notice some small changes here and there and maybe some big ones too!

I just thought I'd make you aware so you were not left the slightest bit puzzled. - After all, we are a family over here right? 


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CocoMelody - Designer Wedding Dresses

I think its about fair to say that wedding season is officially here! Bellanaija.com have certainly made that clear, constantly posting the most beautiful and colourful weddings on my instagram timeline - #asoebibella.

For our blushing brides who are planning on getting married this year (congrats!) there is an online store/ boutique which can make your experience a whole lot easier.

One of the most important features of your wedding day is the dress right? - CocoMelody.com can definitely help you out in that department. Bases in Los Angeles, they sell a wide range of designer wedding dresses that will have you looking fabulous on your special day!
CocoMelody's dresses are made of a high quality, yet are still reasonably priced so you do not have to break the bank. As well as this, they also sell a wide range of bridesmaids dresses, mother of the bride dresses and evening gowns, meaning there is something for all.

Check out some of their stylish and meticulously designed dresses below.

They are stunning right?
But thats not all, CocoMelody understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect wedding gown, it has to fit just right. For this reason, they stock plus size wedding dresses as well so all ladies can look fabulous regardless.

So that's it dolls, be sure to check out the CocoMelody website and pass on the word to anyone who may be looking for a reasonable priced wedding gown. CocoMelody also have stores scattered across the USA and Europe so why not try out their styles in person.
There is currently a 10% off sale taking place so hurry over to www.cocomelody.com/designers now!

Thank you for reading,
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